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Condos and townhouses near Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah are available to purchase for use as student housing. Utah Valley University (UVU) students can enjoy nearby off-campus housing for the duration of their student life and beyond. Many UVU students fall in love with the area and stay after graduation. Property values in the Orem and Provo area grow year after year. Utah is not subject to the wide market swings experienced in Florida, California or Arizona. Our market grows consistently year after year. We can help you find the right condo that meets your needs. A professional Condominium REALTOR specializing in student condos can help you find the condo that meets your student needs and your long-term investment needs.

Investing in Condos Near the Utah Valley University

Condo ownership allows families of college students to invest in their students while also making a long-term investment. Instead of spending money each month for student housing, families can invest in a condo or townhouse that may provide a significant profit in later years. During the period when your students will use the condo for off-campus housing, your student's friends or roommates can assist with expenses. Upon graduation, the property can be sold for a profit with tax advantages if held for at least two years. Many of the condos in the area provide student amenities such as high speed Internet access, study areas, "in-house" laundry facilities, and swimming pools. Is it time to invest in your future as well as your student's future?

Searching for Student Condos - Townhouses

Search for UVU Condos that meet your specified criteria. Search by the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, number of parking spaces, square feet or other condo features. You can specify the criteria that is important to you. Finding the right property near campus is important to you so it is important to us. You can also do and extended search for Provo - Orem Condos For Sale. Give us a call and we can conduct a search for all the condos in the area that are currently on the market the meet you criteria. Our telephone number is 801-993-0083. We are here to serve you.


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