Government Incentives To Buy Your Condo Now!


Five Reasons to Buy Your Utah Condo This Fall!

September 12, 2008Salt Lake City Condos - Governor Plaza

Buying your Utah Condo this Fall carries incentives that will not last for long.  Many of these incentives affect first-time home buyers or any home buyer who has not owned a home the past three years. Below is a summary of the current incentives:

1.  Interest rates fell this week below 6% with the government bailout of Freddie and Fannie. See the current rate below.

2.  The Federal Housing Administration's (FHA) boost to loan limits will decline in January 2009. For example, the current jumbo loan limit of $729,750 in Salt Lake County will fall by $104,250 to $625,500.

3. Current FHA down payments as low as 3 percent will increase to 3.5 percent beginning October 1. Closing on your new $200,000 condo in September can save $1,000 on your down payment.

4. The Housing Stimulus Bill provides for a tax credit of $7,500 come tax season in 2009. Condo buyers who do not owe any taxes will get the $7,500 as a refund.

5. Many economist are predicting that the market will likely stabilize now that the government has acted to stimulate the housing market as well as take-over control of Freddie and Fannie. As the market stabilizes, condo prices will likely increase. Condominiums will cost more next year!



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